General Forms

Request for Payment 
The"Request for Payment" form is used for unforeseen services performed by an individual or business. Most expenses should be handled through the TxEIS Requisition/Purchase Order process.

Travel Request
The "Travel Request" form is for employees seeking advance payment for trip expenses incurred for school related travel.

Request for Reimbursement
The "Request for Reimbursement" form is for employees seeking reimbursement for expenses incurred conducting school related business or travel.

• If seeking reimbursement for mileage on multiple trips, please attach a travel log.
• For expenses unrelated to travel use the "OTHER" section of this form.

Travel Log 
Attachment to "Request for Reimbursement" when seeking payment for multiple trips.

Athletics Pay Sheet
The "Athletics Pay Sheet should be completed by an athletic coordinator after every home game to ensure payments are processed for game officials and local staff. A W-9 should be on file in the business office for every official, if in doubt of prior submission please have them complete a new form.

New Vendor Information
The "New Vendor Information" form should be initiated by WISD personnel who need to add a vendor not already listed in the TxEIS database.

Every vendor should have a "W-9" form on file with the business office.

Accident Investigation FORMS

This packet includes: Report of Injury Form, Accident Witness Statement, Nurse's Injury Statement, and Supervisor's Accident Investigation.